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Through And Detail Oriented

As we say, “Our Expertise Equals Your Peace of Mind.” This is only as good as our attention  to detail and the thorough  nature of our inspection report. A Jonquil Home Inspection comes with a complete report with pictures, items in need of immediate action, possible future action, and future maintenance action. In addition, your inspector will walk the property, show you the critical needs, explain, and answer questions you may have during and after the inspection. Your electronic or printed report details the areas of concern and provides action steps toward solutions. It is in this communication where we achieve our mission to provide, “Peace of Mind,” through, “Our Expertise.”


See Beyond the Immediately Visible

Utilizing available technology to identify potential hidden and hard to reach areas adds to your, ”Peace of Mind.” Jonquil Home Inspectors utilizes infrared imaging to identify areas where dangers and issues may be hidden behind walls or unable to be seen visually. These images help strengthen the security you’ll feel about your choices following an inspection by Jonquil Home Inspectors. 


Go Where Others Cannot

Jonquil Home Inspectors also utilizes drone technologies to see spaces not accessible otherwise. When a property‘s roof is inaccessible due to the roofing material or other circumstance, we have an additional ability to view the otherwise hidden areas. The drone technology allows close view Of areas we cannot access as well as a perspective difficult to obtain otherwise